PMBI Level 1 Course




This course is only available to IDP (Whistler Bike Park) Level 1 instructors looking to become a member of the PMBI Association, update their skills, and/or who wish to take the PMBI Level 2 course.

This course includes online access to the PMBIA Reference Guide, Level 1 Course Booklet & Level 1 Worksheet, together with a complete day of on-bike training, teaching practice, assessment and feedback. Instructors are required to safely and effectively teach and demonstrate PMBIA methodologies, using PMBIA terminology, to beginner to intermediate mountain bikers, in different trail environments.

The day begins with a review of the PMBI Level 1 Worksheet (to be completed before the course) and a bike set-up review. The majority of the morning will be spent reviewing the skill-based example lessons from the Level 1 course, along with the relevant teaching and guiding theory. Candidates will also gain a chance to practice teach the skill-based lessons, as part of their assessment.

The afternoon involves instructors reviewing and practice teaching the Level 1 Foundation Maneuvers and a brief workshop on First Aid Training & Mechanics.

Why take this course?

  • Update and refresh your knowledge: Perhaps it’s been a while since you’ve taken an instructor course, or maybe you just haven’t taught biking in a while. Either way, this course is a great way to update your knowledge to the latest PMBI tools and techniques, while getting in some vital practice teaching to refresh your skills and confidence.
  • Re-certify as The Best: The PMBI Association is the world’s leader in mountain bike instructor training… we run more certification courses in a month, than most other certifications do the entire year. Recognized and used by more mountain bike parks, clubs and schools than any other certification, PMBI brings enhanced credibility to your resume and further employment opportunities.
  • Gain access to PMBIA Membership Benefits & More! Every PMBIA Member gains year-round, online access to the most up-to-date PMBI Reference Materials. Furthermore, our industry-first Instructor Association Pro-Deal Program is available to any PMBIA Member. Continued professional development, industry deals and more employability… it’s a no brainer!
  • Become your own coach: Through a greater knowledge of riding skills and learning theory, your increased understanding of the sport will help you analyze your own riding and further enable you to teach yourself!
  • Have fun: It’s a day of riding bikes, learning and getting stoked!


  • IDP Level 1 & 1+ season teaching experience.
  • Completed Level 1 Worksheet (available upon registration)
  • Confident riding at trail speed on technical, intermediate terrain, including green, blue and “light” black trails.
  • A minimum of 36 months mountain biking experience.
  • 40hr Wilderness First Aid Certification, or equivalent, strongly recommended
  • A minimum age of 17 is required for insurance responsibility reasons. Guiding and teaching mountain biking is inherently dangerous and being legally responsible for other adults and children, warrants a minimum age for certified instructors.


To successfully complete this workshop and become PMBIA Certified to teach beginner to intermediate mountain bikers in both cross country and downhill environments, instructors must pass both riding and teaching assessments. Please review the Level 1 “Riding & Teaching Standards” for more information and examples of the assessment criteria.

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