PMBI Refresher Course

Refresher Course



The PMBI Level 1 Certification requires instructors to re-train every three years, by attending a one-day workshop. This system is key in ensuring the PMBIA maintains consistent, professional teaching and guiding practices within the industry.

The one-day Refresher course is also the perfect way to update your knowledge to the latest teaching and riding techniques in the industry, to sharpen your own skills and get some feedback from the best instructors out there. The course also includes a one year membership to the PMBIA and provides access to all the PMBIA Course Materials and Level 1 Worksheet.

The day begins with a review of the Level 1 worksheet (to be completed prior to the course commencing) and a bike set-up review. Moving onto the trails, the morning will be spent reviewing the skill-based example lessons from the Level 1 course, along with the relevant teaching and guiding theory. Before and after lunch, candidates will gain a chance to practice teach the skill-based lessons.

The day will wrap up with a review and another practice teach of the Level 1 Foundation Maneuvers and a brief workshop on First Aid Training & Mechanics.


  • Update and refresh your knowledge: Perhaps it’s been a while since you’ve taken the PMBI course, or maybe you just haven’t taught biking in a while. Either way, this course is a great way to update your knowledge to the latest tools and techniques, while getting in some vital practice teaching to refresh your skills and confidence. You can take this course at the start of each new season, or simply wait until the three year re-certification deadline…
  • Re-certify: The PMBI Association promotes consistent, professional teaching standards through it’s three year re-certification policy. Any PMBI instructor whose certification is older than three years, must attend a one-day refresher course to maintain eligibility as a member of the PMBIA.
  • Have fun and learn from the best. The PMBI Course Conductors will work with you on your own riding and demonstrating techniques, helping you feel better on the bike, while providing friendly feedback on your practice teaching, so you can deliver the best possible learning experience to your students.


  • PMBI or MBIT Level 1 Certification
  • Confident riding at trail speed on technical, intermediate terrain, including green, blue and “light” black trails.
  • A minimum of 36 months mountain biking experience.
  • 40hr Wilderness First Aid Certification, or equivalent, strongly recommended
  • A minimum age of 17 is required for insurance responsibility reasons. Guiding and teaching mountain biking is inherently dangerous and being legally responsible for other adults and children, warrants a minimum age for certified instructors.


As a previously certified PMBI Level 1, candidates will not have to “re-test” to maintain the PMBI Level 1 Certification. Simply attending the 1-day Refresher Training Course will be sufficient to maintain the certification. However, there will be a performance review at the end of the day, to provide feedback on any areas for improvement in your riding, guiding and teaching skills. If, out of interest, you wish to review the Level 1 Riding & Teaching Standards, please click here.