PMBIA Association Announces Partnerships with Whistler Mountain Bike Park, IMBA Canada and CASI

Following our tradition of working with and building long term, industry partnerships, the Professional Mountain Bike Instructor Association (PMBIA) is proud to announce official relationships with Whistler Mountain Bike Park, IMBA Canada and the Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors (CASI). After 11 years of PMBI Courses, the PMBI Association has been working tirelessly to increase the standards, consistency, and availability of mountain bike instructors courses, worldwide. These partnerships and collaborations further solidify the PMBIA's position as the industry leading standard, as we continue to develop and build our internationally available programs, with the best people in the mountain bike and instructor training industries.

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IMBA Canada announces partnership with Professional Mountain Bike Instructor Association

June 30, 2016 -- IMBA Canada is proud to announce the establishment of an integral partnership with the Professional Mountain Bike Instructor Association (PMBIA) as its recognized Instructor, Guide and Ride Leader training partner, through 2019.

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ZEP MTB Camps and Endless Biking Launch the Professional Mountain Bike Instructor Association

Mountain bike is still a relatively young sport and a professional standard for instruction, like what snow-sports has been enjoying for years, has yet to be established, until now. Nearly ten years in the making, ZEP Mountain Bike Camps and Instructor Training has joined forces with Endless Biking to form the Professional Mountain Bike Instructor Association (PMBIA). We sat down with PMBIA Technical Directors, Paul Howard and Darren Butler, to find out how this history making partnership occurred and what it means for our industry.

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Professional association in Whistler standardizes mountain bike instruction

For decades the snow sport industry has had a method in place for training its ski and snowboard instructors.

In Canada, that’s through the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance (CSIA) and the Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors (CASI), both of which offer internationally recognized certification. Mountain biking is a much younger sport and as such, has yet to standardize a methodology of instruction — until now.

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Being a mountain bike instructor is more than a free lift pass or saying you have the coolest job in the world.


Since the birth of the sport of mountain biking there has never been a definitive method for learning the skills required to ride a mountain bike. You hit the trails and ride them as well as you can, learning what works for you and what doesn’t. After a while you learn to deal with steeper and more technical trails and you get quicker at them. Or, alternatively, you don’t, and you hit a ceiling in your riding. For many of us, talent only runs so deep. The rest is made up by our determination.

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I had a feeling that I would like Paul Howard as soon as I first found out about him. He is a well spoken fellow Englishman, who moved to Whistler around eight years ago. Paul is a great rider, soon to be father, has somehow memorized the entire order of a QWERTY keyboard, and has an uncanny ability for teaching. So much so, in fact, that if he was to have written this article, he would probably have told you everything you need to know, concluded it and taken you out riding by the time he was at this sentence right here.

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Biking icon Paul Howard tells how he tamed mountain biking and turned it into a sport for everyone.

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"Teaching mountain biking is still fairly new. Over the years most mountain bike tuitition has come from magazines written by editors and enthusiasts," says Paul Howard, owner and operator of the Whistler-based ZEP techniques. "Many programs ou there follow this old school method of situation-based teching, like 'how to ride over roots' or 'how to attack a corner.' You can learn that information but you can't apply it everywhere. If you teach someone different body positions on their bike, they can apply that to all different types of [riding] situations"

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So this year is setting some records for ZEP... we have been busier than ever, with camper numbers up and the Professional Mountain Bike Instructor courses being more popular than ever. We've ran 15 PMBI courses already this season... 15!

We started the trip with a course at C.O.P in Calgary, which was interesting as they decided to close the day before for the course began! Always up for a challenge, we quickly swapped gear and adapted the course to the nearby XC trails... not ideal, but perfectly fine to get the job done. Everyone had a great time and the weather played nice; it was supposed to rain non-stop for the three days, but we only got a sprinkle here and there.

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The Professional Mountain Bike Instructor PMBI Training Courses will be more widely available for 2011, from the major bike parks/areas in B.C., to Alberta, Ontario, Australia and even the UK. There are four PMBI courses and 3 different levels of certification; from a first-time mountain bike instructor at Level 1 to an experienced technical skills coach at Level 3. Check in side for all the 2011 details, dates and registration.

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Have you ever found yourself always giving your mates a few tips every time you go out for a ride? Are you the person people always turn to when their girlfriend/boyfriend wants to start riding and they need you to give them a lesson? Maybe you teach a winter sport like snowboarding and want to do a similar gig in the summer? Maybe you just want an excuse to go ride with a pro instructor and get some decent coaching for a few days?

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The roots of Endless Biking push back beyond their inaugural camps in 2004 to the early 90’s and days of riding in hiking boots and chasing buffalo on borrowed bikes. Raised in non-mountain biking families, Kelli and Darren, owners and operators of Endless Biking, both still remember the moment that riding came into their lives and the profound change it brought with it.



When you liberate a group of moms from a morning of Dora the Explorer, and give them bikes instead, not even the rain will dampen their spirits...or shorten their conversations. No matter how passionate you are about riding, having a child changes your world. It changes how you do things, how long it takes you to do things, and most importantly, how much you do for yourself.



Wow, this really was the ultimate MTB contest to win last season. Check out the trip of a lifetime through the Kootenays here in BC, with Endless Biking.



The first day of summer is upon us and that means it’s time to get out and get active! Known as one of the Mecca’s of Mountain Biking, the North Shore Mountains are an infinite playground for the Weekend Warrior. Fit and Fun Host Stephanie Florian meets up with the the folks at Endless Biking to go on her own Bike Adventure.




Chris and I completed our Professional Mountain Bike Instructor Level 2 with ZEP Techniques over the last 4 days. Taking our teaching to the next level! Now we can ensure that when we coach, wether it be for Kovarik Racing clinics or when we contract ourselves out, we can provide quality instruction to help riders effectively improve their skills. August is full of coaching for us so it’s perfect.

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KATIE HOLDEN (pro downhiller)

I took a coaching course recently, PMBI to be specific. What is PMBI you might ask? Well that would be Professional Mountain Bike Instructor. I thought that it was important to get a formal certification with all of the coaching/guiding I have been doing, so that’s what I did.

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I was super excited, but also nervous, because even though I know how to ride my bike, I didn’t know how to teach people how to ride a bike. Thanks to Paul Howard, I now have a much better understanding of how this works, and what I need to do to teach people the valuable skills of riding a bike better.

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Zep Techniques is a style of teaching that comes from the mind of "Captain Zep" himself, Paul Howard. My friends Erika, Paul and Anka all joined me in getting officially certified to teach people this glorious sport.

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